Safety Alert
By Firefighter Michael Pellegrino
May 6, 2017

If you are planning on sending your children to college this fall please be aware of this prior to buying this product as it does pose a safety hazard. During the past college inspection cycle which began in late September, the Office of Fire Prevention and Control came across numerous Privacy Pop Bed Tents in college rooms. Upon further investigation, OFPC found that these pose a major hazard to occupants when it comes to fire safety. More info can be found at the below link :

Also we urge drivers to please abide by the NYS move over law. The law created by Governor Andrew Cuomo aims to protect first responder's when operating on the highway or roadside. The law states drivers must use due care, and move over a lane if possible if not possible the driver must slow down to a reasonable speed; when approaching an emergency vehicle that displays red and/or white emergency lighting such as law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances and also vehicles with flashing amber lighting such as tow trucks, construction vehicles and other service workers stopped along the side of the road while performing their duties. Please spread the word to all and help keep us safe in preforming our duties. More info can also be found at the below link: