Training Month in Review
By Firefighter Gregory Sanchez
February 3, 2021

Even though the weather has been cold and the snow has been falling, our Officers and members have continued in vital training. Throughout the past month, we have participated in a variety of training settings.

In our online training modules we reviewed OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogen procedures and protocols. In our live hands on training, we got back to basics with Hydrant tactics and operations. Members learned ways to wrap the fire hydrant with supply hose and effectively communicate to the chauffeur which allows the evolution to run as smooth as possible. Continually practicing this evolution provides members with the "muscle memory" needed to handle this job at a true emergency with little stress or distraction so this necessary job function can be completed.

As first responders know, the weather isn't always on our side during emergencies. However, we have to take the opportunities as they present themselves to train safely in all types of weather.

Near the end of the month, we took the time to work on car fires. As important as putting the fire out is, some valuable training points included apparatus placement, use of tools, hose line stretches, advancement tactics and establishing a water supply if necessary.

As we look back on the month, we are thankful for the opportunities to train and look forward to the coming weeks and months to continue improving our skills. Training never stops!